Sunday, May 20, 2012

From the cell phone

Here are some pics from the phone.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Purina Incredible Dog Show

On April 19, I took Dougie, Adam, Olivia, and Lottie to see the Purina Incredible Dog show. They were psyched to see the dogs.

Nani can NOT do that! Purina also gave away a bunch of pet stuff. Nani got enough dog treats to last six months. Score!

Rice Baseball

On Sunday, we had brunch with friends at Chuy's. Adam and Lottie enjoyed the funhouse mirrors in the waiting area.

Then we enjoyed the awesome weather and watched some Rice baseball. It's even free if you sit on the hill.

Adam and Lottie enjoy playing with the babies.

After the game, Rice opens the gates and lets the kids run the bases and get autographs from the players.

Before we left for Fort Hood, we had to get some gelato. Adam and Lottie love Houston!

Disney on Ice

On April 16, we headed to Houston to see Disney on Ice - the Toy Story 3 version. Amy, Sebastian, and Eliska accompanied us. We decided to take the train to the stadium, which was a big hit with the kids.

Intently watching the action. Complete with Buzz Lightyear hat.

Afterwards, we hit the grand reopening of Mai's, our favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Houston.

Yum, rice!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


The kids love hiking. I took them to Stillhouse Hollow for a treat after our bluebonnet photo shoot. Even our lazy miss, Lottie, will go the entire hike without asking to be carried.

Hanging Out, Times Three

Weekday Strawberry Picking

What happens when you take five three year old girls strawberry picking?

They eat lots of strawberry popsicles. (Veronica, Lottie, Gracie, Sarah, and Claudia)

And pose for cute pictures.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Patrick's Birthday

Our neighbor, Patrick, and I share a birthday. We celebrated with a bounce house and cake that I didn't have to make myself! Adam, Patrick, Lottie, and Mary test out the bounce house.

Lottie hits the pinata.

Adam's turn.

Very orderly candy gathering.

Art City Austin

On April 3, I hit Art City Austin with our friends Amy and Sebastian and Alan and Lynn. There was a lot of stuff for the kids to do. They seemed to enjoy posing with the giant letters best though.

Watching breakdancing.

Enjoying sculpture, with face paint.

More giant letters.

Rock painting!

Weekend Strawberry Picking

Better late than never! On April 2, 2011, I took the kids strawberry picking at Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls. Adam and Lottie take their strawberry picking seriously - we need enough berries to make lots of freezer jam!

Sweet Berry Farm also makes their own strawberry popsicles. Yum!

They also have a train.

And goats to pet!